Rhonda L. Hicks

Rhonda brings her joy and love of music to teaching. She believes that theory, technique and understanding of music can be taught within a context of fun. Rhonda works with all ages and especially enjoys teaching beginners. Her philosophy is that while all students might not go on to a lifetime of playing piano or careers in the music industry, they certainly will go on with the a love of music and an experience that will allow them to appreciate music more fully and completely all their lives.

Rhonda taught herself to play the piano when she was in the fifth grade. She took piano lessons all through high school and college.  While Rhonda took a break from playing the piano for a career and raising a son; she returned to playing when her son showed an interest in music and started taking guitar lessons. Rhonda studied with W.A. Mathieu, author of "Harmonic Experience," "The Listening Book," and "The Musical Life." Rhonda recently completed the
Music Together™ training and incorporates these methods and philosophy when working with younger students.

Rhonda also runs the production company, Red Dragonfly Productions, and offers her serious students a special insight about the music business and performance world.

Rhonda Lucile Hicks has taught both of my kids to love music and to play piano. She knows that every student is different and adapts her lessons to the fit the abilities and aptitude of each person. She's great with all ages and I would highly recommend her as a teacher to everyone.
Kari B. - February 21, 2015

My daughter has been studying piano with Rhonda for over 7 years.

Rhonda is wonderful! She is great with kids - even my rambunctious one - and as my daughter has grown over the years, she has really gotten to tap into Rhonda's extensive musical knowledge. This has enabled my daughter to grow musically in a way that benefits her greatly, not only in her piano playing, but in her other musical endeavors.

Rhonda challenges my daughter with increasingly difficult music, but she also delights my daughter by supporting her in her musical journey - when my daughter discovered the fun and challenge of Bach, she and Rhonda spent a year exploring that, and when my daughter expressed an interest in jazz, Rhonda happily and enthusiastically went that direction with her.

I also took lessons from Rhonda as a beginner adult, and I found her to be patient, very knowledgeable, and just plain NICE. She made learning a pleasure!

Her rates are reasonable, and she is receptive to adjusting lesson schedules (with a little notice) when the need arises. I've had more than one occasion to appreciate that!

I highly recommend her as a teacher to children and adults. Rhonda has a lot of great knowledge and experience to share with you!
Jody K. - February 26, 2015

As a beginning adult student who is tone deaf and klutzy, I wasn't sure what to expect when I started taking lessons from Rhonda. I soon found out she has the patience of a kindergarten teacher and is enthusiastic about each of her students. I leave each session feeling positive about my progress and looking forward to the next lesson.

Janis B. - February 27, 2015

My daughter has been taking piano lessons from Ms Hicks for 5 years, and shows no signs of wanting to quit - which to me, is a hallmark of a positive, flexible, joyful piano teacher who listens to students, loves music, and passes that on to her students.
Joanna L. - February 26, 2015

My 8 year old daughter has been a student of Rhonda's for over 3 years and I am very impressed how well she has progressed under Rhonda's instruction. Just recently, my 5 year old daughter started taking lessons as well, after observing her older sister for quite some time. Rhonda is very patient with both of them. Rhonda is also very warm and supportive as a teacher and my daughters always comes home from their 1/2 hour-long lesson very happy.

Laura C. - March 8, 2015
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