Links and Partners:

The Beautiful and Historic Bay Terrace Theatre, AKA The MIRA Theatre, Ste p Up's home and partner

Music Education: Online music lessons and free sheet music


Gear: - Marleaux Bass Guitars, beautifully sounding (and looking) boutique basses from Germany - great pick ups - great strings

Business Ressources:

Piano Tuners:
Frank Acosta (925) 212-9131

Guitar and Bass Repair: in Winters
Mike Gardner in Vallejo

Transcribe s a very useful tool for transcriptions of any kind - it slows down or speeds up the tempo without changing the pitch, is able to filter out certain instruments or vocals, and can transpose any piece of music into any key without cahnging the tempo. Looping certain sections helps with practicing. Navigating through the various pieces of a song is a snap when using markers. Highly recommended.

Step Up Music Vallejo LOVES Daisy Rock!

Dear Daisy Rock,
Just wanted to let you know how much fun we are having over here at Step Up Music. Our Daisy Rock Guitars are being put to excellent use. They help create many smiles. They are light, just right for little fingers and they are a total hit with all of our students, girls and boys. Thanks Daisy Rock!