Step Up Music and its affiliated Studios are proud to support the Vallejo Parents Coalition for the Arts in their efforts to obtain funding for an after school music program in the Vallejo elementary schools. Here is an interview I did with the parents:
What prompted you as a parent to instigate these efforts?

This program was inspired by what I was seeing in Vallejo, the schools deteriorating, crime rising, and constant issues of bullying. In addition, i've been fortunate to be able to give my daughter the ability to experience the wonderful world of music, but what happens to the parents who cannot afford it. Families of disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds should be given the same opportunity. We have the solution to the problems our society is facing today; the arts. The cut backs in the arts programs pushed todays youth to this and it's time we brought it back.

Why do you think music education for children is important?
Reintroducing the arts to Vallejo elementary schools will provide a positive outlet for children. By creating a nurturing environment where they'll be mentored by their peers and explore what a family environment feels like where they then create an inspiring environment for others. Children in music programs tend to not only exceed in academics but learn to socialize, problem solve, and tend to have a more positive outlook in life.

What has been the response to your efforts in the local community?
The community response has been mixed, the majority agrees that the youth of today has no creative outlet during afterschool hours and welcome a music program. The other portion doesn't think a music program can help, they don't see the ripple effect it can have on our community; children learn an instrument, friends then want to participate, kids are then are off the streets, crime goes down, and the end product is a responsible adult tax paying citizen. 

What can music schools do to make it easier for parents to get their kids lessons?
Prices :)  And convenient hours for the parents who work late hours. 
(Remark Step Up: We aim to please :) Convenient locations, too!)

Thank you for your efforts in bringing music education to children. Study after study has shown the value of music and art education not only for creativity and personal fulfillment but also for language skills, mathematical and reasoning skills, as well as the development of self esteem, discipline and self reliance.