Guitar Lessons
5 reasons to learn the guitar

1 - One instrument - many possibilities. Whether you play Spanish melodies on a Flamenco guitar, James Taylor on an acoustic or belt out distorted Jimmy Hendrix licks, how about some Country?  - from blues to classical, form rock to soul, the guitar is as versatile as can be.

2 - it grows with you. Ukuleles or kids guitars suit little hands perfectly. Electric guitars are easy to play with fingers and picks, but heavy, whereas acoustic guitars are light weight, yet demand a bit more technique to play cleanly. There is the right instrument for any hand size.

3 - Sing and play! Be the life of the party, knocking out the chords to known songs. 

4 - Write a song! Once you have mastered a few chord changes, you can experiment with singing melodies on top. Make up your own, it's fun and teaches you a lot about music!

5 - The guitar can fulfill many functions in a band - accompaniment or rhythm guitar, melody playing, soloing, plucking bass lines.... the possibilities are endless and so is the fun!

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