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About the benefits of band classes

Playing with others in a band is a big rush for every musician. Music is a language. By playing together we learn more about ourselves, each other, and the world of music.
Private lessons are an important component of every music student's learning path. Band camps cannot take their place, however, they are a valuable addition for several reasons:

Band camps teach a different skill set than private lessons. This skill set includes: listening skills, such as listening to oneself while also listening to the others, reacting to what the other musicians do, finding one’s place after a mistake, taking responsibility for the function of the instrument during various sections of a piece (accompanying, soloing, playing breaks etc.) and more.
Many instruments taught in private lessons, such as bass and drums, for example, are meant to be played with others rather than alone in the practice room. No CD, drum machine or metronome (as important as these tools are in their own right!) can take the place of a live musician, who will contribute a unique interpretation and an interactive human element.

Playing with one’s peers is fun and rewarding. It boosts self esteem and helps to channel emotions in healthy and productive ways. Writing songs and lyrics are wonderful creative outlets. Making music is a healthy and safe activity at any age. When a band works together as a team to prepare for a final concert, discipline is necessary. Students learn to wait their turn, see the need to be attentive and patient, as well as supportive of band mates.

The prospect of preparing a piece for a concert or rehearsal can catapult practice habits to the next level. Most students go through phases of discouragement, impatience or frustration, or even consider quitting entirely. Band camp can renew their love for music. As they play with others under guidance they find their way out of a rut and enjoy practicing again.

Being part of a big rock show is a dream many musicians have. To stand under the lights and hear the applause is like a rush. Rock music is about big energy and fun, but a lot of hard work goes into a good performance. In preparing for and experiencing the final concert, students get a sense of what the professional world of a performer is like: from the pre show excitement, sound checks and nervousness, to facing an audience, and the incredible rush of making music together.

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